Enhance your Summer Staycation

Miss Rachel Holland entered the second year of business in May 2020 and rather than hitting the terrible twos, we are bringing joy with a sensual spa like experience to help you dream yourself to your favourite luxurious locations at home and abroad. On opening the box, the alluring fragrances hit and just like that you can imagine being on the patio, by the pool, glass in hand or sat in the garden enjoying the sunset long after the rain has called an end to the at times unpredictable British Summer. Featuring seasonal botanicals at their very heart, the scents we have on offer such as Lemongrass & Ginger, Earl Grey & Cucumber and Cedarwood & Jasmine, provide uplifting yet relaxing aromas that will fill your home.

When building the limited edition products Owner and Fragrance Designer, Rachel, purposely took six fragrances based on their top, middle and base notes that would not only stand in their own right but marry perfectly with it’s partner members. And it seems our fabulous customers seem to agree that those choices were spot on. Taking centre stage currently is the invigorating Amber & Sweet Orange. Described by Rachel as “a powerful aroma with it’s Velvet-like amber, incense and musk infused with sweet orange. It’s fresh yet rich and warm, and for me it’s in my top 5 scents that I’ve ever produced.” Other stand outs from the collection include the quintessential English Rose which will bring a classic, fresh, elegant garden scent inside your home and the Lavender Lemon & Ylang Ylang , the ideal scent to whisk you away to the spa and a must-have personal favourite of Rachel’s.

Available until the end of August as a whole or separately as wax melts, candles, plug-ins and reed diffusers. The Miss Rachel Holland Summer Collection remains in line with the company ethos of being vegan and cruelty free while being created by hand, in the picturesque town of Maldon.

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