Aventos for Men Luxury Floor Fragrance

Aventos for Men Luxury Floor Fragrance

Miss Rachel Holland
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About this Fragrance

An aromatic aroma with top notes of bergamot orange, lemon, pepper and juniper leading to a strong heart of jasmine, rock rose and velvet woods, this rests on a masculine base of musk, moss and patchouli. 

Floor Fragrance, Shake & Vacuum Directions and Safety Warning

Benefits - Helps to eliminate the smell of pet, tobacco, cooking and other bad odours that can become trapped in your carpets.   

Directions for use - we recommend a patch test in a small area before use.  Sprinkle onto your carpets and leave for 30 minutes then hoover up.  Ensure you clean your hoover filter after each use. 

SAFETY WARNING keep out of reach of children and pets. Remove pets and children from the room before and during application.  Unsuitable for people with a perfume sensitivity.  


Each bag contains 400 grams of floor fragrance.