Spring Clean Fragrance Box
Spring Clean Fragrance Box
Spring Clean Fragrance Box

Spring Clean Fragrance Box

Miss Rachel Holland
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About this Spring Clean Fragrance Box 

Our Spring Clean Fragrance Gift box contains everything you need to welcome the aroma of spring back into your home, choose from 3 of our beautiful fresh fragrances. Each box contains: 

1 x 50ml Reed Diffuser

5 x White Fibre Reed Sticks

2 x 100g Floor Fragrances (Shake & Vacuum) 

1 x Electric Plug-in & fragrance bottle 


Presented in a beautiful white gift box, this can also make a thoughtful gift for you or someone special this Easter. 



About this Luxury Reed Diffuser 

Our Luxury Reed Diffusers last for up to 90 days or more, delivering you long lasting beautiful home fragrance.  Each Luxury Reed Diffuser consists of a 100 ml glass bottle of your selected fragrance, 5 white fibre reeds.


Reed Diffuser Safety 

Always keep the bottle in an upright position.  Do not use in small confined pet areas without adequate ventilation.  Do not place near a source of heat or direct sunlight.  Do not place on polished, painted or plastic surfaces. Keep away from children and pets.  Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product. Always wear protective gloves when handling this product, may cause an allergic skin reaction.  IF IN EYES rinse continuously with water for several minutes.  Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do.  Continue rinsing.  If eye irritation persists, get medical advice/attention.  IF SWALLOWED Immediately call a doctor. IF ON SKIN Wash with plenty of soap and water.  If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label to hand.  Always read the label and instructions enclosed fully before using this product.







Floor Fragrance, Shake & Vacuum Directions and Safety Warning

Benefits - Helps to eliminate the smell of pet, tobacco, cooking and other bad odours that can become trapped in your carpets.   

Directions for use - we recommend a patch test in a small area before use.  Sprinkle onto your carpets and leave for 30 minutes then hoover up.  Ensure you clean your hoover filter after each use. 

SAFETY WARNING keep out of reach of children and pets. Remove pets and children from the room before and during application.  Unsuitable for people with a perfume sensitivity.